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Hidden cams outside of Japan

Anyone who has traveled on the immense public train systems of Tokyo has probably seen the anti-Hentai hidden camera posters on the walls. These signs warn potential criminal actors against trying to take secret pictures up the skirts of women using the stairs and escalators in train stations. At the same time, they warn women to be on the look out for guys who might try to snap pics of their panties.

If you haven’t spent time in Japan, this may all sound rather weird. On the one hand it is. At the same time, this sort of thing is actually quite common around the world. People have run into this sort of secret snapshot issue from New York to the UK. It is most common in Asia, but we can’t be sure if Tokyo is actually the world capital of the upskirt creep shot. Surely South Korea, Hong Kong, and even Singapore give the city a run for its money in that regard.

Legalized creepshots

A few years ago, a group of vigilantes captured some guy in New York who took upskirt pictures on the subway. From what I recall, he was actually let off by the legal system there. Apparently if a lady sits with her legs open exposing her crotch to the world on a public train in NYC, she has no real “expectation of privacy”. I don’t know if those are still the rules. I might even be mistaken about what happened back then. Either way, there are actually legalized creepshots.

Tokyo Hentai Club

Since a lot of guys seem to be into this stuff, companies have been smart enough to help them out. They simply stage spy cam sort of sexual behavior with consenting adults. That way the guys into creep shots can get horny without actually violating any women. Now that’s what you call a real win-win situation!

Voyeurhouse does it right!

Japanese porn companies have been produced faux hidden cam material for years. You can walk into any sex shops in Tokyo and buy so-called hidden cam videos of Japanese women going to the toilet or walking around nude in their rooms. Of course it is all staged, even if the videos are really good at pretending otherwise.

Voyeurhouse is a western company that serves up hidden cam style footage to people all around the world. So you can view their voyeur videos from inside and outside of Japan. They really do it right too. On the website you can see all kinds of video footage. You can watch real life videos of hot single ladies and couples in their houses.

The models sign up for all of this of course. You can tell from the legal information listed on the site. But if you didn’t look at that, you would never know that these weren’t just some kind of hacked nanny cams or something. The fantasy is the reality. And you really feel like you’re seeing something you shouldn’t be when you watch stuff on the site.

It would be wise for guys into the whole creepshot thing to stick to this sort of legal and above ground entertainment. Everyone is actually in on the game, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can enjoy watching hot chicks take showers and suck on their boyfriend’s cocks without fear. You will even get some great panty sneak shots and sleep footage too. Assuming you’re into that kind of thing of course.

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